Wednesday, 9 December 2009


This particular location has long been known to produce superbly creative experiences and on this occasion they have once again excelled. Happymood demonstrates very well the creativity that is possible within Second life. The creators have certainly managed to create a compelling atmosphere, and this time, it's FESTIVE.
The moment you land, it is so easy to immerse yourself into the Christmas Atmos. Magical snow swirls and falls around you and slowly a winter wonderland will appear. Allow yourself a moment for everything to rezz, it will be well worth it. Once you get your bearings , you will see that there are three massive snow-globes that float in a star studded sky.
These globes I am quite sure will put you in a "happymood"(hey it's christmas). I will not go into too much detail about what is to be found here, suffice to say it is well worth the exploration. I hope you get as much delight from visiting Happymood as we did!

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