Monday, 16 November 2009


It's nice to have friends but it's nicer to have friends that show you places that are cool and interesting to visit. I must give due credit to Blu Jupiter for finding this ever so lovely place! There seems to be something magical about winter wonderlands and especially for those of us who rarely if ever get to experience real ones. Winter at Never Never land is certainly no exception. If you want to just go and soak up the atmosphere you can relax by a cozy fire or if you're feeling a bit more adventurous, grab a pair of ice skaltes and take a spin around the pond. There 's even a sled if you are more into sharing the icy cold with someone . My personal favorite: a snowball maker!!! I have challenged both Drift and Blu to a snowball fight...we'll see which one of them has the NERVE!!!

For the romantic in you, grab your sweety and go for a whirl around the dance floor surrounded by glistening snow-covered trees and stars that twinkle in the night and then afterwards for a cuddle beside the fire. There a quaint little cabin with mistletoe JUST inside entrance where you can surprise someone special with a stolen kiss.

Hope you all enjoy Winter at Never Never Land...even the name promises something just a bit magical!!!
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