Sunday, 20 September 2009

Tribe Thriller Update

As you are all aware we filmed the Tribe Thriller last week and I was due to publish the resultant movie here and on youtube sometime between then and now. However on Tuesday my Mac for the second time decided to have a melt down. The hard drive begun to stick and after several attempts to resuccitate the damn thing I had to concede defeat. Now it is with a London based Apple specialist for a warranty repair. I am hoping upon hope that the data will be recovered, but according to them the recovery costs may be prohibitive if it is at all possible. So we may be staring defeat in the face on this one and we may have to shoot again!! Hopefully that will not be too much of a strain as the original shoot with Tribe and Noma fans was extremely good fun. Anyway I am due to get the prognosis on Monday 21st Sept and will post it here. If the worst case scenario is realised we will have to engineer a re-shoot!
Please accept my apologies for this , I have learned the very valuable lesson of Backing Up!!!

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